Samyra Marie is a native of Philadelphia, Pa. Growing up in a single parent home, where she was the youngest of three, she saw first hand: her mother struggle to work two jobs to provide for her family, as well as her determination to make sure her children stayed in extracurricular activities and had positive role models to look up to;  so they wouldn’t turn out to be “another black statistic”, rather than an educated and productive American Citizen who just so happen to be African American.

She is currently an alum of Central High School and West Chester University where she received a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice. Through various volunteer endeavors and different work experiences she discovered her passion of encouraging and empowering youth. However, it wasn’t until she began volunteering at her local PAL Center (Police Athletic League), as a Positive Image Instructor, that her passion met her purpose. 

BRAG Movement was developed through a need that reigns heavy in the urban community. A need for our youth to freely express themselves without the judgement of others. A need for our youth to be educated on self awareness both mentally and emotionally.