Bringing Revolution Amongst Generations Movement, Inc. (The B.R.A.G Movement) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering, encouraging, supporting, and guiding children and youth. The B.R.A.G Movement aspires to make a positive difference and impact in the lives of today's youth, who will be tomorrows influential adults. The B.R.A.G Movement will also serve the purpose of being the bridge that unities the family system as well as the community together. Through advocacy, self empowerment, education, self-development, and mentorship programs and events The B.R.A.G Movement will be an instrument that prepares children and youth to become successful, productive, and critical analyzing citizens.

The B.R.A.G Movement will also play an instrumental role in preparing and supporting the family systems and communities with the tools needed to assist this current generation in becoming astute individual.

The B.R.A.G Movement is an organization that believes in Maya Angelou's quote “When you learn, teach; When you get, give.” The BRAG Movement is pouring into the NOW generation, in high expectation that they will pour into the NEXT generation; thus creating a STANDARD and a MOVEMENT.  

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With each monetary donation or time spent allows a youth’s life to change. By donating of your money or time you are providing a life changing experience for our youth; but most importantly you’ll allow our youth to have a life changing experience.

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