Our BRAG Movement Programs are developed to offer age specific experiences that enhance the youth’s awareness of themselves both mentally and emotionally. With the use of interactive group classes and group discussion to influence positive cognitive, social and emotional development. 

Our goal at BRAG Movement is to teach social and personal skills, as well as to empower this generation to be great! Research shows that developing one’s social and personal skills helps to prevent future display of at risk behaviors. In a society where teen pregnancy, depression, eating disorders and substance abuse are at an all time high it is our mission to equip our youth with the tools and skills necessary to decrease the numbers and raise a standard that will Bring Revolution Amongst Generations.


“My Worth, My Purpose” is a mentorship program that helps teen girls discover their self worth and life’s purpose. Focusing on a group mentor style (1:3) all participates commit to dedicating 10 months to process their emotions of hurt, trauma, suppressed disappointment and rejection. Ultimately concluding at a place of strong/stable emotional health, development of character and wholeness of self.

Our program curriculum consists of consistent communication and engagement with one’s assigned mentor, character building workshops and community engagement. Believing in Maya Angelou’s quote “When you learn teach, when you get give” it is our belief that one can heal by helping those in similar situations. 

BRAG About Me focuses on providing a voice to the voiceless. We all know that youth who isn’t at the top of the class academically yet is very smart but unable to articulate things in a manner for others to understand so they stay quiet; or that youth of listens to jazz and reads novels for fun but isn’t up to date with the latest in music or fashion therefore is looked at as an outcast or different. BRAG About Me will assist those youth in discovering their own skill set and building the leader that is within all of us. 

The program will only accept a maximum of 15 youth per session. The youth will discuss life challenges with group activities.The youth will be able to connect with other youth from various schools and recreation centers that participate in this program all while building a network of positive relationships through a host of BRAG Movement sponsored activities throughout the year.

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